NXBoard means, “The Next Generation BlackBoard.” we referred to it as NXBoard.” Interactive White Board (IWB) is hot in education now. However, it is just a big and fancy electronic hardware with touch input if it comes without a well designed teaching interface. This interface might go wrong in case the teachers’ habit and demand are ignored. It can not be like Microsoft’s Office, in which a lot of menus/sub menus to extend its functionality. In classroom, while in front of students, it is not feasible to ask teachers to “dig” functions and simultaneously fulfill teaching job. It will be frustrating and for sure IWB will be given up soon. Nxboard knows what teachers need and it explains why it is the best and popular IWB teaching software right now.


Intuitive operation; what you see is what you get
Help teachers with preparation,teaching,and remedy
Embedded recording function
Integrate Web Cam function
Saved as an auto execution file type for sharing
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